Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I dropped my cell phone and cracked my screen! How long does it take to repair a broken screen? A: Typically, iPhone screen replacements take less than 45 minutes. For Androids, we like to allow a bit more time, usually being completed in 2 hours.
Q: My phone has been submerged in water, what should I do? A: The first thing you should do is power the device off and remove the battery immediately, if possible. Do not connect it to a charger. Next, tilt the phone towards an opening to possibly drain it of excess water, then dry the phone as best you can. The rice trick unfortunately is a myth and does little to help dry the inside of your phone. Bring it in to be looked at as soon as possible. The sooner it's brought in for a tech to assess, the better chance it has of being repairable.
Q: Do I have to make an appointment to have my device repaired? A: While we recommend scheduling a time and day to better accomodate both you and our techs, it is not necessary. Feel free to drop by anytime with your device to be diagnosed or repaired.
Q: Should I drop my device off and pick it up later, or can I wait for it to be repaired? A: Most iPhone repairs are completed quick enough that you can wait on it. iPads, Androids and other tablets, we recommend dropping it off and returning for it, as they tend to take longer to diagnose and repair.
Q: Why are Samsung screen repairs so costly? A: The high cost of a Samsung repair is due to the equally high cost of OEM replacement screens. There are no aftermarket replacement parts available, therefore we can only provide the quality that is offered.
Q: Does Apple make an OEM replacement screen for the iPhone? A: No, unfortunately there is no Apple certified replacement part available. All replacement iPhone screens come manufactured from the same place your original iPhone screen is. All of which are considered high grade replacement parts.


Q: Why would my iPad repair cost more than the price originally quoted? A: When it comes to removing the glass from an iPad or tablet, the probability of cracking the glass is high, no matter how careful one can be. If the repair you're in need of, requires opening the tablet that does not have a broken screen, the cost of replacing the glass may be factored in to the cost of the repair.
Q: I dropped my iPad and it went black, now it won't come back on. A: Sometimes a shock to a computer system from dropping it can short out the connection and power off your device. If it fails to turn back on after this, it may just need a hard reset. If it still doesn't come on, bring it in so one of our techs can further diagnose it.


Q: If I need computer or laptop services, how long should I expect to be without it? A: Some issues can be diagnosed in minutes, some can take up to a few hours. For optimal care when servicing, we like to take 24 hours to fully diagnose and review your options with you. When going forward with services or upgrades, you should expect your computer to be ready for pick up within the week.
Q: Do I need to bring my charger for my laptop to be serviced? A: Yes. Always bring the appropriate charger for the laptop in question. With computers, power chords are standard for all, but most laptops have different fitting chargers.
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